Monday, 14 November 2016

Some of our International boys having an amazing time at Huka falls Jet in Taupo.

Recently two of our boys participated in the Australian Mathematics competition
The AMC is the largest mathematics competition in the Southern Hemisphere

Joo Lee received a high distinction and was placed in the top 0.3 % in Australiasia.
Donghyun Lee received high distinction and was also placed in the top 0.3% in Australiasia.
This was a great effort by both of these boys.
Well done

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Recently our international boys had an amazing day of adventure in Rotorua with the international students from Tauranga Girls' College visiting Agroventures and Skyline.

Hendrik from Germany pictured with the tray he made at wood technology.

We are so very proud of Peter Zhu our International Student Leader as he got the top International academic prize tonight at our Senior Prizegiving. Pictured below with Mrs Roff and his homestay family.

A fantastic night at Devonport Towers for our International Graduation Dinner,so proud of all of our young men.

So lovely having both Jun and Keita's mothers here for our graduation.