Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Dinner with Tauranga Girl's College

Every term we have a social get together with the International Department from Tauranga Girl's College.
On Tuesday night we went out to dinner at Chinatown. A great night with lots of lovely buffet food, desert and a chance for the boys and girls to mix and mingle.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Camp Stories from our ESOL Classroom

Our International Camp

We went to Waihi about three weeks ago for camp. We went to sea. When I went surfing and kayaking it was very very fun! Especially I like going surfing. Next we pitched tent. It was very big so we didn’t understand how to pitch it but Mr. T taught us how to do it, so we pitched the tent.
After we had BBQ. I ate many suasages. I love BBQ. Camp’s night we played TallyHol I don’t like TallyHo because when we played TallyHo we couldn’t use a light so it was too dark and there was a hill. Too dangerous! I slept in the tent. I couldn’t sleep very well because our tent had some insects.

                                                                                    By Akihiro from Japan

             We went to Bowentown, Waihi for an International Camp three weeks ago. First, Mr T gave us some tents to pitch. After we finished, we had a meeting about this camp with Mr T, Mrs. Roff and Mrs Wilson. In afternoon, we went to Hahei Beach to go surfing. The wave was bigger and bigger. At night, we played Tally Ho on the mountain. We slept at ten o’clock and we woke up at six o’clock.

                                                                                    By Frank (Chenling) from China

We went to Waihi and we played TallyHo. Then we had a BBQ. I ate some sausages and took a boat trip. We went to Waihi about three weeks ago with Mr. T, Mrs. Roff and Mrs Wilson by bus to Bowentown, Waihi. We went swimming and played TallyHo in first day night. We wnet stand up boarding, boogie boarding and snorkeling. I think this is very nice International Camp. I took a sleeping bag, sausages, swim shorts, an apple and a banana.

                                                                                    By Darren (YuCong) from China

I went Waihi, Bowentown and pitching the tent and went to beach and ride a boogie board, stad up board and do a game and ate a snake and drink water. Time is done. I went tent and have a BBQ. I ate pork, meat, rice. It was yum and we have a little rest. It was 9 o’clock and it was dark. We played Tally Ho. I do first time. I was a little bit scared and second time it was fun and TallyHo is done. We go tent. We sleep.

                                                                                                By MinSu from Korea

Yuga - paddle boarding (from Japan)

Akihiro (from Japan) with Calvin (Taiwn), Rintaro (Japan) & Leo (Germany)

David (on the right) sharing a joke with Ian

We had a delicious BBq. We played TallyHo. We went surfing at beach and went swimming. We say a big dolphin in the water. We slept in the tent and pitched the tent. At free time, I played with my friend and play chess with my friend too. It’s very funny and good but there is a lot of flies in our tent. I slept in the tent.

                                                                                    By David (Yufei) from China